Sveisemaske auto Spartus Easy 101X

Rimelig og god selvblendende sveisemaske

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The SPARTUS® Easy 101X automatic welding helmet is designed to protect the welder's eyes and face from harmful radiation and welding spatters. It is perfect for MIG / MAG, TIG and MMA welding. It also has a grinding option.

The automatic, high efficient filter protects the welder's eyes against harmful UV&IR radiation. After the arc ignition, this filter will switch from its natural light state to the darkened shade. After welding stops, it backs to normal immediately, according to the delay time set before. Fast lens reaction time -  1/25,000s is guaranteed thanks to the use of 4 very sensitive sensors.

The external control makes it easy to set the filter parameters during operation without removing the helmet.Thanks to them we can control the level of darkness (DIN 9-13), sensitivity, delay time and switch the operating mode to grinding.

The Easy 101X welding helmet is made of a durable and lightweight material. The multi-stage adjustment of the headgear allows to set the distance from filter to the welder's eyes, significantly increases the comfort of work and reduces the fatigue.

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