SPARTUS® Multi Pro 200 4in1 package

4 sveiseapparater i ett: MIG / TIG AC+DC / MMA !

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Multi Pro 200 4in1, 4 meter TIG slangepakke SPP17mini og 3 meter MIG slangepakke 150, tilbakeleder, 3 meter elektrodeholder, skrin med forbruksdeler, gasslange, bruksanvisning (Engelsk)



SPARTUS® Multi Pro 200 4in1 is high-end, modern inverter welding machine constructed on the basis of advanced PWM technology and professional IGBT transistors. It enables MIG / TIG AC / TIG DC and MMA welding with a current up to 200A. It is powered from single phase 230V source power. The device offers a wide range of possibilities for the above-mentioned methods of joining metals.

MIG welding

MultiPro 200 4in1 is equipped with a synergistic system for MIG / MAG welding with the possibility of selecting the following programs: for mill steel, stainless steel, aluminum welding; self-shielding wire welding and CuSi brazing. The device also works in manual mode. It is possible to manually correct the parameters, during which the machine prompts the user about the thickness of the material and the speed of wire feeding. In addition, the device has a number of functionalities supporting the welding process in the MIG method:

– 2T/4T Trigger Control
– Burn Back
– Slow Feed
– Pre Gas i Post Gas
– regulation of inductance.

A high-class two-roller feeder ensures stable wire feeding. An important advantage is also the possibility of welding with the Spool Gun.

TIG welding

Thanks to the solutions used, the Multi Pro 200 4in1 also enables advanced TIG AC and TIG DC welding with a choice of arc ignition HF or Lift method. The device is equipped with a pulse welding function, which makes the machine perfect for welding very thin sheets and aluminum.

Multi Pro 200 4in1 has functions supporting the welding process in TIG method:

– output AC waveforms: square, sinusoidal, triangular,
– 2T/4T Trigger Control,
– AC balance, AC frequency, pulse frequency, pulse width and pulse amps adjustment,
– up slope and down slope adjustment,
– SPOT welding.

MMA welding

MultiPro 200 4in1 enables MMA AC and MMA DC welding. The process of joining metals in this method is additionally supported by functions such as:

– Arc Force
– Hot Start.

Modern design, LCD function panel and the possibility of wireless control in combination with high-class components makes the SPARTUS® Multi Pro 200 4in1 stand out on the market. The professional device of the SPARTUS® Pro line s perfect suited to the production sector and industry. High class two-roll wire feeder, ensures stable feeding of steel, stainless steel and aluminum welding wire. Stable output parameters guarantee appropriate weld quality.

Input                  ~1× 230V ± 10% 50 / 60 Hz
MIG welding current 30 - 200A
MIG duty cycle 40%
Wire feeder built-in, 2-roll gear
Welding wire spool ≤ 5kg / ∅200mm
Wire diameter 0.6 / 0.8 / 1.0mm
Synergy yes
2T/4T Control yes
SPOT welding yes
Additional MIG functions Burn Back, brazing (CuSi3), Pre-gas, Post-gas, synergistic program, manual adjustment of parameters, inductance control, spool gun, Slow Feed
TIG welding current 10 - 200A
TIG duty cycle 40%
Gas pre flow 0.1 - 2s
Gas post flow 0 - 10s
Up slope 0 - 10s
Down slope 0 - 10s
TIG Pulse yes
Pulse Amps 10 - 200A
Pulse Width 5 - 95%
Pulse frequency 0.5 - 999Hz
AC frequency 50 - 250Hz
AC wave forms square, sinusoidal, triangular
AC balance 10 - 99%
Remote control control in the handle potentiometer
MMA welding current 10 - 200A
Arc Force yes
Hot Start yes
Current consumpiton MIG 28.1 / TIG AC 22.2 / TIG DC 22.1 / MMA AC 27.7 / MMA DC 30.5
Power factor (cosφ) 0.99
Efficiency η 99%
Insulation class F
Protection class IP21S
Weight 21
Dimensions 606 x 217 x 404mm


Package equiped: • Multi Pro 200 4in1 • MIG gun SPARTUS® SPM 150R 3m • TIG torch SPARTUS® ProTIG mini 17 10K 4m • TIG toolbox (consumable kit) • 3m electrode holder • 3m work clamp • Gas hose • User's manual


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